July 13, 2024

WE'RE LOOKING FOR GREAT STORIES about culture, ideas, voyages, food, people and trends. Send us strong narrative, provocative profiles, reported stories, investigative work, video, photos and audio that evoke a sense of place.


NO SERVICE, PLEASE. We'll leave the how-to genre to others.

Please submit in these categories:

Photos, illustrations, videos and brief docs that tell stories about places

VOICES Audio clips that take us there

Reported stories from the ground (up to 2,000w)

JOURNEY Unforgettable odysseys (up to 2,000w)

PROBE Investigations into travel abuses and scams (variable)

FAR FLUNG Life in removed or under-the-radar places (up to 800w)

PEOPLE Amazing profiles (up to 800w)

FEST Show us an unusual celebration (500w)

EAT Explore cuisines (variable)

Essays of protest and ideas (up to 1500w)

READING Books we need to know about (please query)

Big World pays modest rates for original, unpublished story packages. We'll also carry your bio, your website link and an ad of your choosing. If you'd like us to syndicate your story, we'll pay you 50% of any syndication fees.


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